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MaxLite CPL30AUP50B


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Quick to install and pay for itself, the LED Low-Profile Canopy is the ideal retrofit solution for 100-250W HID garage and canopy luminaires. Offered in 20-, 30-, 40-, and 53-watt versions, with different distribution options for parking garage and canopy distributions, the CPL can address a variety of canopy needs. The series offers 0-10V dimming drivers standard with an optional integral microwave motion sensor to negate interference on light output. Consuming 75 percent less energy than incumbent fixtures, the CPL series provides immediate payback and long-term energy and maintenance cost savings.



• 20W replaces up to 100 watt metal halide

• 30W replaces up to 150 watt metal halide

• 40W replaces up to 175 watt metal halide

• 53W replaces up to 250 watt metal halide

• Universal 120- 277V operation

• 0-10V Dimming driver standard

• Maintenance free and constructed without any hazardous materials

• Dusk-to-dawn and occupancy sensor compatible

• Greater than 100,000 hour L70 lifetime at TM-21 standards, 25°C

• 5-Year Limited Warranty


CONTROLS: Motion/Daylight Sensor with Remote Control Compatibility: 0-10V microwave-based motion sensor with integral photocontrol, allowing for three output states: 100%; 10/20/30/50% output; or 0% output. Detection area, hold time, daylight threshold, and dimming level are configurable via DIP switches. At its maximum mounting height of 32 feet, the sensor can detect motion up to 30 feet away. Sensor mounted internally, behind lens. A compatible remote control is available with the sensor, which allows for easy sensor configuration, reprogramming, and troubleshooting when necessary. Users should review supplementary motion sensor datasheets and the product instruction manual for detailed remote control programming and operation.In the event of loss of power, remote control programmed settings return to DIP switch programmed settings. 120-277VAC Photocontrol: Universal voltage photocontrols turn fixture on and off based on footcandle levels to help conserve energy during daylight hours. The operating temperature of the photocontrol is -30°F-120°F. Photocell mounted external.



• Standard ¾” NPT for pendant mounting (pendants by others)

• Standard adapter plate included for junction box mounting (junction boxes by others)

• Three side-mounted ½” NPT knockouts

• Cannot be mounted directly to combustible surfaces


PHOTOMETRICS: All .IES files available online



Order# 102001

LED LOW-PROFILE CANOPY 30 Watt, 3,320 Lumens, 5,000K

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