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Sku: 150819
Model#: 150819
Watts: 0.5W
Category: Indoor Lighting
Model Type: Exit Signs and Emergency Lights
Tags: Indoor Lighting, LED Edge Lite Exit Sign, 150819



  • Aluminum housing with high grade acrylic panel.
  • Removable directional indicators.
  • Letters 6” height with 3/4”stroke. Super bright RED LED lamps
  • Built-in 3.6V600mAh Nickel cadmium battery for minimum 90 minutes emergency operation.
  • Maximum 24 hours for full recharge time
  • 0° to 40° C indoor damp location listed



  • Innovative, easy installation in minutes
  • Aluminum mounting plate allows top, back or end mount.
  • Removable directional indicators.
  • Test switch and charge indicator
  • Three years warranty for battery.



  • Hospitals
  • Movie Theaters
  • Restaurants


Edge-Lite Exit Sign

SKU: 150819
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