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MaxLite BP45AUT550BPM0


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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The LED Barn Light with prismatic lens replicate the form and function of 150 watt high-pressure sodium or 175-watt metal halide fixtures, while using just 35 and 45 watts, respectively. At an exceptional efficacy of 119 lm/W (45W) and 100,000-hour L70 lifetime, the fixtures are an easy replacement for the lights. The Barn Light operates at 120-277 volts, and can mount to walls or sealed junction boxes. It is ideal for outdoor lighting applications in areas that require a wide distribution of light including driveways, yards, properties and work areas.


MaxLite BP45AUT550BPM0



• Includes black 3-pin photocontrol and mounting arm

• Replaces up to 175W MH

• Rated for ≥100,000-hour TM-21 L70 Lifetime @ 25°C

• Universal 120-277V power supply

• 5 year warranty



• Prismatic lens

• 24” aluminum arm

• Die-cast aluminum housing



• Standard Black 3-pin photocontrol, black



Order# 99921

LED BARN PRISMATIC 5,000K, 5,280 Lumens

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