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1x2 Air Guardian® air purification and disinfection device


Air Guardian® air purification and disinfection device

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The most powerful air purification device in existence. Period.

Experience true air purification


Air Guardian was built on 100 years of air purification knowledge combined with decades of LED research to maximize the effectiveness of light-based purification and disinfection.


Air Guardian technology starts with UVGI (UV-C) to kill pathogens and particulates. It then adds UV-A for an additional layer of antimicrobial protection and the creation of Reactive Oxygen Species for a triple threat of pathogen-killing power in illumiPure’s signature pathogen-eradicating purifier.


The Air Guardian also features a patented inner-chamber design to maximize exposure to these purifying forces, ensuring maximum particulate destruction in a single pass. 

Combining industry-leading power and dosage time creates the necessary environment to not only kill pathogens but truly eliminate them, releasing fresh air from the device without the need for a filter.

1x2 Air Guardian® air purification and disinfection device

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